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Innovation in
3D Medical Imaging

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Discover the best experience for viewing medical images 

Easy. Fast. Clear.

Why Crystallizer

Experience precision with Crysallizer

 -the next-gen 3D medical imaging viewer
that combines high-resolution visuals, speed, and user-friendliness

  • For doctors:
    Import + Analysis + Share

  • For your patients:
    Click a link + View + Download​

No Credit Card or Signup Required
You don’t need to spend extra time on tutorials
No installation
Crystallizer is a web viewer that is accessed through your browser
Work anywhere
Cloud computing allows you to work and your patients to see information from anywhere, at any time, on any device
Cloud database

All files are securely stored in the cloud. You can rapidly access your loaded files

There is no commitment—
cancel at any time

How It Works


File types can be uploaded:

  • Dicom (.dcm)

  • NIFTI (.nii)

  • NRRD (.nrrd)

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Analysis & Diagnosis

3D Volume Rendering

We always think of your needs

to make the tasks easier and clearer

3D Annotation
3D Slicing
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  • Securely store your files on AWS cloud database, which complies with HIPAA

  • Extract your files anytime, anywhere


  • Send other people a link to your view page so anyone with the link can use it

Export as / Download

  • DICOM (.dcm)

  • NII (.nii)

  • JDP (.jpg) in .zip or PDF

  • PNG (.png) in .zip or PDF

No Credit Card or Signup Required
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